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Laser Capability

  • Amada FOM2-3015NT, 4000 watt, flying optic can cut up to .75” thick mild steel, .50”thick stainless steel, and .25” thick aluminum. Maximum sheet size 60” x 120”.
  • Amada Pulsar model 2415 a 2000 watt system that cuts up to .375” thick mild steel,.25” thick stainless, .125” thick aluminum, and .090” thick titanium. Maximum 60” sheetwidth and a repositioning system allows for virtually any length sheet.
  • In house nitrogen generator insures perfect laser cutting and reduced part cost.


  • Ermaksan 66 Ton Power Bend Falcon Press Brake with 83″ bed, capable of 9″ DeepBox with 4 axis back gauge.
  • Ermaksan 150 Ton Speed Bend Pro Press Brake with 102″ bed with 5 axis back gauge.
  • Wysong 14 ft. at 140 tons hydraulic brake with a state of the art Cybelec controller with auto-crowning for perfect forms on long lengths.
  • Accupress 3 axis CNC hydraulic brake. 48” at 25 tons. A machine with same accuracy as the one above. Includes a third axis for multiple forms in one operation.
  • 2 DiAcro hydro-mechanical press brakes. A 72” wide at 25 tons and a 96” wide at 35tons. Each equipped with a CNC back gauge. Used for long and short run production.
  • Chicago 96” at 55 tons mechanical brake. Another trusted workhorse able to perform multiple operations in one setup.
  • A large selection of knife, offset, and gooseneck dies can be cut to any length.
  • 10ga x 60″ pyramid roller.


  • Robotic Welding – 2017 ABB Flex Arc R with 72″ x 36″ Bed.
  • MIG and TIG welding at 6 weld stations, 3 Acorn weld tables, and other standard tables.
  • With the size of our tables and variety of clamps for both short and long run jobs.
  • 40 KVA spot welding capability, up to 10 gauge.


  • Marvel 81A vertical saw. It has CNC feed and tilt capabilities: 23’ feed table and 15’drop table. This saw can cut 45 degrees in either direction: 20”x18” max piece cut sizeat 90 degrees and 11”x18” max piece cut size at 45 degrees.

Tool building

  • Tool capabilities to build forming dies from laser cut shapes in house. No matter whatthe intricate forming operations may be for the component, we can provide quality withcompetitive pricing.


  • Wysong 1072, 10 GA x 6 ft. with sheet support system.
  • Niagra 41”x 16 GA shear.

Tube Bending

  • Rotary tube bender for round and square tubing

Tube/Angle Roll

  • NC angle roller; capable of rolling rounds, squares, rectangles, angle up to 1.5”, andschedule 40 material.
  • Large selection of tooling in house.


  • We offer a non-directional finishes, edge cleaning capabilities, de-burring, many finishtypes on weldment and assemblies.
  • We offer a straight-line finish for tube or sheet products and have 6” and 9” wideTimesavers. We offer a variety of different grit finishes that can apply a desired finish,on aluminum, stainless, or mild steel parts.
  • Powder coating and a variety of plating options offered.

Engineering and CAD

  • A full service-engineering department to develop value added and reverse engineeredsolutions for fabrication.
  • Our Metalsoft FABRIWIN CAD/CA software allows us the ability to import yourdrawing files or create new precision files from your prints.
  • Solid Works 2018 engineering software.
  • Value added engineering.

Assembly and Packaging

  • Dedicated areas for full or partial assembly needs and packaging.
  • Warehousing capabilities with JIT delivery options.

Material Handling

  • Truck access dock and overhead 6000 lb. roller crane for inside load and unloadingfrom flatbed truck or trailer.
  • 2 2000 lb. roller cranes for station loading.
  • Delivery truck with 22’ box and 11,000 lb. capacity for local delivery and pickup.


  • Haegar hardware installer, including a large selection of PEM hardware.
  • 5’ power roller x 14 ga.
  • 9”x 9” x 7 ga. power notcher.
  • Drill, tap, and countersink capabilities for all types of metals.
  • Uni-Tools for tube and flat punching and notching in press brakes.
  • Strippit Super 30/30 single-station with 30 ton punching capacity. Many stock punches available for in round, square, rectangle, “D” shape holes.
  • 5′ Pyramid Roller 11ga.

Manufacturing Management

  • Job Boss manufacturing software used for estimating, shop control, orderentry/tracking, and cost evaluation.
  • Most common materials kept in stock.

Please contact us with any questions that you may have, our dedication to fabrication is only measured by your satisfaction.